Anthony Breslin

Collection: Handmade

Anthony Breslin’s career in spans over 24 years in a myriad of creative and artists pursuits including painting, performance, poetry, design and production. Now after battling blood cancer and surviving a bone marrow transplant Anthony’s career veers back to its roots of visual art, drawing and painting, as he prepares to settle into a new home and home studio in bayside Melbourne. 

In 2016 Anthony sold his iconic gallery – The Breslin Gallery; an arts hub, community space and cafe in Carnegie. The gallery and that chapter in the colourful kaleidoscope of his life and career was farewelled with his first Melbourne based exhibition in 6 years ‘Exit the Blood Machine’.

Anthony Breslin has been an original force within the Australian art scene ever since the late 90’s. Up until his illness he created more than 50 solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally, these include shows in Hong Kong, Zurich, Prague, Barcelona, Shanghai, Bern, London and Dublin.