Tom Gerrard

Collection: Handmade

Tom Gerrard is an Australian painter whose works focus on suburban life. His style developed through his prolific international output on the streets, and he incorporates contemporary techniques such as spray paint and airbrush. Gerrard’s works compress space through bold flattened colour schemes, employing a signature black outline which frames his graphical forms. The heads appearing throughout Gerrard’s work follow the lineage of graffiti characters, reimagined through the multicultural lens of Gerrard’s youth in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Observation is key to Gerrard’s practice; the architectural elements and domestic objects are taken directly from his environment, both at home and through travel. Gerrard has exhibited in Los Angeles, Barcelona and Tokyo, and his works have been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria. He is an active international muralist, having been commissioned in London, Berlin, Quito and Rio de Janeiro.