Bailer's Wall Stories

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Wall Stories is a collection of dope photos and crazy tales by well over 100 of Melbourne’s best graffiti artists and a handful of international painters whose time in Melbourne inspired a shift in styles.

Take a walk in the Air-Max of some of the local scene’s most prolific and impactful graffiti writers. The book also contains sections on The Style Machine, doing loops, racking paint, CTSACave Clan, the Brooklyn scrap yard, the Richmond boards and a selection of longer stories that put you right in the middle of the mayhem of a full-fledged graffiti addiction.

Not to be missed, this self-published graffiti tome captures a slice of a popular (and sometimes not so popular) Melbourne subculture that has thrived for over forty years. Beautifully put together, this hardcover beast is a must-have for any bookshelf.