Collection: Handmade#2

Leadbeater has been exhibiting his work since the early ’90s, with a lifelong passion for drawing. Art served as a means of keeping him out of trouble during his upbringing in the suburbs.

His artwork revolves around the concept of contrasts, exploring themes such as identity and anonymity, sensitivity and brutality, and the interplay between spirit and form. Leadbeater aims to convey the profound power, vulnerability, and enigma of human existence, all while retaining a playful naivety in his pieces.

During his creative process, Leadbeater immerses himself in a sensory ritual. He sees flashes of shapes and colors, as if music is passing through him. The aromas of paint and incense hang in the air, while he sips tea and feels surfaces and materials collide as marks are made. He is always trying to capture and share that energy with others.