Isabel Robinson - Duchess Dreaming

Kate Middleton has three children

(one more than me)

I look at her hair (mine lank)

Her clothes (mine frumpy)

Her waist

Her waist

Her waist


And I wonder


Does Kate Middleton

Turn Prince Louis’s pockets inside out

After a day at school

Piles of sand and tanbark

Pouring on to the laundry floor?


Does she

Get down on hands and knees

Beneath the table

To wipe up Princess Charlotte’s

Porridge splodges

Scratching at the dried-on bits

With perfect nails?


Does she

Hunt online at 10pm

For a Ninja Turtle figurine

That’s on sale

The perfect gift for

Prince George to take to

Prince Jacques of Monaco’s

Birthday this weekend?


I don’t know


But I wonder if

Once the Royal Highnesses are

Finally asleep

Kate Middleton dreams of

Walking down to the servo

In her trackies

For a Magnum Ego


Dreams of

Cracking the chocolate shell

With her white teeth

Licking up the caramel

As she walks home alone

Beneath the stars