Rowena Molloy



The lump in my throat is gone

I can feel good again

I wish I could stop shaking

Stop hoping beyond reason,


Where have all the cheap thrills

Gone to my head?

I want nothing to be over

And all things to come to a halt


Because the

World is turning

Triumphantly Slow


Why wonder for the last time

Whether stars do cross?

Why love seems to exist?


My best buddy, my pal,

My good ol’ mate,

Tell me now,


I want it all,

But it’s your call


Why is it?

Who is that?

Who wants to know what?


I wish I could

You can count on me for that.


I really do, but tell me,

whisper if you must

it doesn’t matter anymore

the last drink is poured

the last word is spoken


Just remember, me, us,


So I will take this to the hilt of indecision

For that is what’s taken

For me to find my way


So what if I care lots

Take it all and run.