Peter Berzanskis

Collection: Photography

After a chequered career that would make a struggling actor blush, Peter has worked full time as a photographer since 2015. He’s shot everything from weddings, products, real estate, the avant-garde runway in Paris, but not babies or horses which terrify him equally.

In recent years Peter specialised in architecture and interiors but since Covid he has swung back to portraits, beauty and fashion photography which he now shoots in his studio at Stranger Gallery and Studio in St Kilda.

The gallery and studio opened in November 2021 and has been established as a space for photographers to exhibit and discuss photographic art and it’s a venue where Peter can display his own creative projects.

Photography has fascinated Peter since he was a child, but the digital revolution whetted his appetite to take better, more interesting photos. His artistic interest is in capturing and representing the urban spaces and the built environment we inhabit.

His latest project, monumentas which idealises urban structures, will be exhibited in late 2022.