Mirabela Varga

Collection: Handmade#2

Mirabela Varga is a contemporary impressionist specializing in vibrant palette knife fine art. Based in Ocean Shores, NSW Australia, she creates bold and textured paintings across various subjects. Her work is recognised internationally, with private collections in the UK, Hong Kong, Barcelona, California, Europe, and Australia. Mirabela’s background in business, tourism, acting, and healing therapies contributes to her development as an inspired palette knife artist. She established Mama Studio in 2010 as a dedication to her late mother. Mirabela draws inspiration from her surroundings and believes painting is a gift that brings joy and collaboration. Her artworks exhibit dimensional depth and vibrancy, stimulating the imagination over time. Mirabela Gallery serves as her online platform, offering direct access to her artwork. Collectors are encouraged to invest in her original paintings.