Leonie Leivenzon

Collection: Handmade#2

Leonie is a multidisciplinary artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her background as a GP and hypnotherapist led to her interest in addressing dualisms which dominate Western thinking and exploring how we can learn to exist comfortably with unknowns. It is in these moments of ambiguity that we become open to the possibility of understanding, bridging the gaps between memory, experience, and belief. 

She is currently undertaking The Future Histories Project which involves visiting second-hand bookstores and searching for books where something was forgotten inside by the donor. Using collecting as a methodology for creating moments of questioning while exploring the nature of objects and their ability to embody history, these books and discarded makeshift bookmarks serve as the catalysts for her work. 

Leonie primarily uses discarded and second-hand materials as inspiration and in the making of her work, allowing her to explore a wide range of different materials, themes, and concepts.