Kate Karaula

Collection: Handmade#2

Kate Karaula is a textile and fibre artist based in Elwood.

Kate’s work is grounded in nature both in the materials and techniques used and the essence of her exploration. Her work explores the ever evolving dynamic between the urban and natural environments and the humans within them – harmonious, violent, symbiotic, at odds, beautiful, ugly, breathy, and cramped – sometimes all at once.

Kate works predominantly in hand-crafted, thrifted, and natural materials ranging from deconstructed clothing and found objects through to hand-spun yarns and botanically dyed fabric (both of which she does herself). This hands-on approach to the creation of the individual parts results in them lending their own story and energy to the work as a whole.

Kate’s current series in progress is “Dear Trees, it’s not you, it’s us” of which the piece below, “Built on the Back of Her Bones”, is part.