Gad D - Unshackled

Freedom’s grasp, a daring escapade,

In a world where we cling, unswayed.

To seize that rapture, you must let go,

Shed those chains, find your inner glow.


People, they clutch their earthly load,

Terrified to release, on this well-trodden road.

Unmindful of the cosmic grand scheme,

The finite’s the bridge to the infinite dream.


As death’s toll, the fee for the boundless flight,

In the endless cosmos, where souls ignite.

Maturity of spirit, a dance, brave and bright,

Emancipate yourself, let your story take flight..


It commences with release, that initial bound, 

Relinquishing the trinkets, the treasures that surround.

But the authentic secret, it’s the cosmic truth,

Ownership’s illusion, that’s the ultimate proof.